Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fluff-tionary: A Cloth Diaper Glossary

Quick and simple, here are some commonly used terms in the cloth diaper community...

  1. AIO - All-In-One. These diapers are exactly what they sound like, one piece that does everything. They are constructed to go on similar to a disposable diaper, and are easy to use. Some users do not care for them because they take a long time to dry since the absorbent layers are built into the waterproof outer, but they are definitely the most effective in convincing husbands and grandparents to use cloth diapers.

  2. AI2 - All-In-Two. These diapers are constructed of a waterproof outer shell, and a removable absorbent inner component. Many AI2s have snap-in inners.

  3. Bamboo - an absorbent natural fiber, commonly used in cloth diapers.

  4. Bagshot Row Bamboo aka BSRB - a popular WAHM brand of bamboo fitteds and AI2 hybrids, known for their squishy softness and adorable designs.

  5. Contour Diaper - cloth diaper with an hour-glass shape, generally does not have elastic fittings, and are best used in the day. Contours require a pin or snappi and a waterproof cover.
  6. Cover - exactly what is sounds like--it covers the absorbent part of the diaper. Most covers have waterproof PUL lining and are held on with snaps or velcro.
  7. Fitted - fitted diapers have elastic in the legs and waist, and are often constructed of cotton, bamboo, or hemp. Most fitted have snaps or velcro, but some do require a pin or snappi. Fitteds do not have a waterproof outer layer and require a cover to prevent leaks, however some mothers are comfortable letting baby wear a fitted without a cover if they are at home.
  8. Flats - your grandmother's cloth diaper. Generally a 27"x27" square that can be folded various ways, requires a pin or snappi and cover.
  9. Fluff - slang term for cloth diapers
  10. Fluff Mail - shipment of cloth diapers. Most cloth diaper retailers operate online, so most people get their diapers in the mail. Fluff mail is a cause for much excitement!
  11. GoodMama aka GM - a popular brand amongst cloth diaper connoisseurs. GM is operated by a WAHM and the diapers are made by WAHMs across the country. They are known for their fitteds and ONE diapers in trendy fabrics.
  12. Hybrid - generally refers to an AI2 that has a disposable insert option.
  13. Lanolize - a waterproofing method for wool soakers using lanolin.
  14. Longies - long wool or fleece pants worn as a protective waterproof layer over fitteds or prefolds.
  15. OBF - organic bamboo fleece, a soft absorbent material often used in diapers made by WAHM moms.
  16. OBV - organic bamboovelour, a soft absorbent material often used in diapers made by WAHM moms. Very luxurious feeling.
  17. OS - one size, used to reference diapers with an adjustable rise and waist designed to fit from birth through potty training. Most OS diapers fit 8-35 lbs.
  18. Pocket - a diaper with a soft inner layer and waterproof outerlayer with a stuffable pocket to customize absorbency. Pocket diapers are easy to use and resemble a disposable diaper in shape. They are held on with velcro or snaps. Pocket diapers are similar to AIO, but they dry faster because the absorbent inners can be dried separately.
  19. Prefold - a flat diaper commonly composed of layers of cotton or hemp. Prefolds come bleach or unbleached, and can be held on with a pin or snappi, or they can be trifolded and laid inside a cover. Prefolds are the most cost-effective method of cloth diapering.
  20. PUL - polyurethane laminate, a waterproof material commonly used in diaper covers, pockets, and AIO/AI2s.
  21. SAHM - Stay at home mom.
  22. Shorties - short wool or fleece pants worn as a protective waterproof layer over fitteds or prefolds.
  23. Snappi - a plastic t-shaped diaper fastener with plastic teeth, the modern diaper pin.
  24. Soaker - this term can refer to an absorbent insert OR a fleece or wool cover.
  25. Sposie - a slang term for a single-use disposable diaper.
  26. Stay-Dry - a micro-fleece layer that wicks moisture away from the skin and leaves baby feeling dry, commonly used in AIOs, pockets, and liners.
  27. WAHM - Work at home mom.
  28. Woolies - a short or long wool diaper cover. Wool is a naturally absorbent, anti-fungal fiber that can hold up to 40% of its weight in moisture. Woolies are great over any type of diaper, but are very popular with fitted diapers. Woolies are easy to care for as they only need to be washed and lanolized occassionally.
  29. Wrap - another term for a cover.

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