Monday, May 24, 2010

FLUFF Review: Flip Diaper System

I would like to present my first of many FLUFF Reviews. My FLUFF Review will examine five criteria: function, laundering, user-friendliness, fit, and funds.

The Flip Diaper System is a hybrid AI2 and consists of a one-size waterproof outer shell with an absorbent adjustable insert that is held in place by front and back contour flaps. The Flip System gives the option of a Stay-Dry insert, an organic insert, or a disposable insert. The Flip Diaper is designed to fit babies and toddlers weighing 7-35 pounds. This week's review is on the Flip Diaper System with Stay Dry insert.

Flip Diaper System w/ Stay-Dry insert
(shown in Ribbit)

Function: The Stay-Dry insert is absorbent and does stay relatively dry to the touch. My son tends to be a bit of a heavy-wetter and is able to wear the diaper comfortably when changed in a regular interval. He has worn it during an extended nap (up to 4 hours) on 2 occasions and did well, but I do not see the insert as having the absorbency to support overnight wear if used alone. The cover is able to accommodate a prefold, and is excellent in that capacity. The contour flaps inside the front and back of the cover are life-savers--no way anything is escaping out the waist of this diaper! I have been using the Flip regularly for one month and have not had any instances of leakage except once when my son had stomach sensitivities due to a change in formula. With that said, that single occurrence was minor and did not have any bearing on my overall impression of the diaper (as is proof in my recent acquisition of 3 more Flips!).

Laundering: Manufacturer recommends to wash hot, line dry cover, tumble dry insert, no laundry additives or softeners. These recommendations fall in line with my regular diaper routine, and I find them easy to care for. I sometimes have problems with poo stains around the legs of other covers, but the Flip cover seems resistant thus far.

User-friendly: This is a very easy system and the shell can be used for those who want to save costs with a reusable cover and inserts or prefolds. The snaps can be a little tricky for beginners, but you will get the hang of it quickly. It is simple to adjust the size of the insert--just fold along the sewn in guide-lines. I sent this diaper to the church nursery with my son and they caught on very quickly. Flips are great on the run because you just replace the insert and go--no need to use a fresh shell if there is no solid mess and you don't have to worry about a prefold and separate liner for dryness.

Fit: This system allows for a custom fit through a series of snaps on the rise and waist. My son has thick thighs and he seems to have a snug fit, but I could see newborn or skinny babies requiring something a bit more fitted.

Funds: Retails for $16.95. This is a good value considering the outer-shell should fit your child until potty learning; however you may find yourself needing additional inserts as he or she gets older and wets heavier.

The Low Down Dirty Fluff: I like this diaper and use it regularly (there are 4 in my stash). I would highly recommend the Flip cover for as a one-size option for use with prefolds. The Flip with Stay-Dry insert is my go-to diaper when we are away from home because it is one simple insert that keeps him feeling dry, and it doesn't take up your whole diaper bag.

Inner and outer views of Flip Shell
(shown in Moonbeam)

Shells & inserts shown in 3 rise sizes

Stay-Dry insert held inside Flip shell by contour flaps

Hank in his first Flip!

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